Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA) to Power Malaysia Net Zero Initiatives 2

13th October 2023

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA) to Power Malaysia Net Zero Initiatives


On 11 October 2023, Malaysia parliament has passed the Energy Efficiency Conservation Act (EECA) that will require the country’s biggest energy consumers to implement energy-saving measures covering both electrical and thermal energy. The EECA 2023 will supersede the Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations 2008 (EMEER 2008).

The EECA shall regulate the heavy industrial and commercial users that consume 21,600 GJ per annum (equivalent to RM2.4 million in annual electricity bill or RM1 million in natural gas bill), covering 1,500 out of 2,700 industrial consumers, and 500 out of 1.7 million commercial consumers.

By requiring designated energy consumers to appoint energy managers, conduct energy audits, and embrace a sustainable energy management program covering both thermal and electrical energy, the EECA comprehensively packs with it the key elements of making energy efficiency the first fuel to power Malaysia net zero initiatives in one single bill that is set to flourish businesses in the long run. 

Tribute to the curators, contributors and advocates of the EECA from among the past and present government ministers and deputy ministers, administrators and officers as well as professionals from industry, academia and civil society for a remarkable service to the nation. To the champions – the long journey that had survived four different ministries and spanned over a decade of advocacy has been well-worth the wait.

This article is published on October 13, 2023 by Optimal System Engineering

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