Personalised Smart Energy Demand Analysis and Reduction (p-SEDAR)

About p-SEDAR

p-SEDAR is the first humanised IoT-based smart system that integrates building management, with autonomous end users’ actions enabled by sensors and controllers of building electrical appliances.


A Gold Award Winning Humanised IoT-based Smart Energy System at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2021.


Project: UTM Hostel Deployment of p-SEDAR (Aug 2020)

SEDAR means "To be Alert"

Smart home/office systems integrate technology to monitor, report and control building energy consumption. However, a system with the flexibility to cater for  people’s dynamic and personalised energy use in buildings is urgently needed. Studies have shown that a good energy management culture  contributes significantly toward sustaining energy management best practices and reduction of electricity bills.­­­


Remote Control

Switch off your electrical appliances from anywhere from your finger tips.

Personalised Report

Make sense of all these information on your hand, and take action on it.


Create engaging competition among departments and people that encourage awareness of their energy bills.

Research-Backed Technology

Changing human behavior and building a positive culture can be as impactful as it is challenging. While it is possible to install sophisticated and expensive technology to reduce  energy consumption, lack of awareness and the absence of a strong drive to save energy could lead to technologies being overridden, misused or even becoming a white elephant. Studies have shown that influencing positive human behavior through competition, rewards, incentives and even penalty are vital in motivating and encouraging  people to save energy, and ultimately sustain a culture of conservation.

Backed by years of research, p-SEDAR has been designed to drive positive behavior among energy users.

Educate Users to be Energy Smart via Gamification

The key to a successful sustainable energy improvement programme is to motivate and drive users to conserve energy. 

Designed with smart features such as competition and gamification, notification, rewards, incentives and even penalty, p-SEDAR enables organisations to engage and excite energy users toward a sustainable energy conservation culture.

Personalised ‘Smart Energy System’

Most smart building automation systems are in fact, very rigid in their centralized control and automation.  When it comes to balancing energy saving and work space comfort and preference, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for users. For example, while some users may be more comfortable with air-conditioners set at 24°C, others may prefer lower or even higher temperature settings.

p-SEDAR provides a game-changing solution by allowing users to personalize their energy management environment and experience. 

Built with IoT-based smart energy system features, p-SEDAR enable users to remotely switch on/off energy appliances, monitor consumption, control settings and monitor motions using mobile-apps or web-based apps.

Big-Data Analytics

Organisation can have access to p-SEDAR’s energy-use big data to gain useful insights to monitor real time performance, and design strategies to reduce energy cost.


Meet The Founder

Prof. lr. Dr. Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi

Prof. lr. Dr. Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi

Director, Research and Development, Optimal Systems Engineering

"SEDAR has been designed to drive positive behaviour among energy users. It's an effective sustainable energy enhancement to build a good energy management culture by embarking on a path to sustaining energy management best practices and reducing the elecetricity bills".

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

a. Hardware Part
Choose from a selection of smart energy hardware such as a smart switch, smart switch with meter, smart meter, motion detector, intelligent aircon controller and many more. We have different equipment specifications based on your needs. If your organisation already have smart energy hardware, we can see the possibility to customise it with the p-SEDAR system.

b. Software Part
p-SEDAR system consists of the Admin Module, User Module and Guest Module. The Admin Module is a web-based system where the admin levels can be set to control which building or area.

The Admin can control, register, monitor, and control the Users energy appliances and usages. The Admin can also set energy quota and create games or competition to penalise or motivate users. This will ensure users are always alert and taking charge of their energy consumption.

The User and Guest Module is a web-based and mobile-based system where users can monitor and control their assigned area energy appliances. The user also can give some permissions to their Guest for temporary access to their energy systems.

Users can also join the competition and be incentivised with their energy-saving actions.

Yes, we provide a one-year warranty for the hardware we supplied.

Following are the steps to get p-SEDAR in your organisation:

Step 1: Sign-Up
Register and sign-up.

Step 2: Fill Up the Survey Form
Please fill up the survey form for us to understand your requirement. p-SEDAR team may need to do some site visit.

Step 3: Confirmation of purchase
Once the requirement is agreed together, proceed with the purchase.

Step 4: Installation Process
p-SEDAR Team will install the p-SEDAR hardware and energy system at your organisation.

Step 5: User Training
p-SEDAR Team will provide user training for the users to familiarise with the system.

Step 6: Use and Save Energy!
Monitor, control, engage, excite and save energy with p-SEDAR!

Contact our customer service, and our technical team will troubleshoot your problems.

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