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Analytics & Solutions for  Utilities: Energy, Gas Emission and Wastewater Audit

About Optimal Audit

Optimal Audit is a software for overall resource monitoring, management and optimisation in a process plant and building facility towards achieving efficiency and reduction in energy, gaseous emissions and liquid discharge. To date, no software package exists as a common audit platform to cater for the three different audit tasks which a facility, particularly, a process plant has to undergo annually. As a result, it is quite common for users/engineers to perform repetitive data collection using services from different consultants or different software packages. Not only is this practice highly inefficient and a major waste of resources, it is also less reliable and prone to errors. Besides being specialized for the mutually exclusive purposes listed above, often, these software packages are only accessible to the consultants and experts, and therefore have limited appeal to plant operators. 

By combining 3 key audit tasks which include energy, gaseous emissions as well as water and wastewater monitoring and management, Optimal-Audit provides solution for improved efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness by offering a 3-in-1 package for resource management currently conducted independently.

The software data interface and features has been innovatively designed to accept crucial data to provide solution for the three routine major tasks listed above. It is an innovative, accessible and friendly integrated software package solution for optimal resource management. Therefore Optimal-Audit offers efficient integrated, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for optimal resource management.


Audit and account the energy consumption in your process plant

Evaluate the energy performance of your plant, including boiler, heat

Improve the electrical energy efficiency and reduce the energy cost of your company

Monitor your monthly electricity bill

Optimal Audit 2

Prediction Guides & Models

Evaluate the potential energy conservation measures.

Ease of Access

Simple, easy and fast solutions.

Comprehensive Audit

DIY 3-in-1 energy, gas emission and wastewater audit for your plant.

Effective Usage Reduction

Reduce your company utility consumption and bills.

Compliance Benchmark

Reduce your greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

Optimal Audit 2

Features of Optimal Audit

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Optimal Audit 5

License Pricing

For other arrangements, kindly click here for discussion with our consulting expert to recommend the best custom package for your business.

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