About us


At OPTIMISE, we are driven by our mission to advance circular economy through innovative process integration and smart systems engineering solutions.

We strive to build resilience and sustainability in people and culture, process and systems, and performance delivery to enable businesses to thrive above challenges of today and tomorrow.

We aspire to create a society practising sustainable consumption and production.


What do we do? How we can help you. At OPTIMISE, we provide consultancy services, conduct professional training and develop cutting-edge process integration and smart systems engineering technologies and solutions to enable organisations to achieve multiple bottomline benefits of reduced costs of energy, water, power, resources, ultimately improving  efficiency and sustainability.


Our Leading Edge. With a portfolio of award-winning innovative solutions, products as well as programs that are backed by over three decades of world-class, internationally validated  and referenced research, we strive to build resilience and sustainability in organisations’ people and culture, process and systems, performance delivery to enable businesses to thrive above challenges such as COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.


Our People. OPTIMISE people consist of certified professional practitioners and leading global experts and pioneers in the development and advancement of Process Systems Engineering (PSE), Process Integration Pinch Analysis technologies and solutions that promote industrial symbiosis and organisational synergy. 


Our Experiences and Track Record. For over three decades, we have engaged and provided services to over 500 national, and international organisations in advancing our mission to create sustainable societies; in our roles as developer of innovative solutions, products and programs; certified professional practitioners and coaches, champions of education and social activists spreading public awareness on energy and resource conservation.

Our Core Business

    • Audit: Energy, water, environmental/green audit, life-cycle audit.
    • Retrofit: Plant/process retrofit for energy & resource conservation.
    • Management: Setting up Energy/Green Management System, REEM services.
    • Area: Energy and resource sustainability
    • Delivery: F2F open, pre-scheduled; flexible, in-house, customised; Online fully interactive; self-paced, learn on demand. Publication, Conference
    • Outcome: Professional and Academic Competency-based, certifications, micro-credited with digital badges, accredited degrees; awareness programs
    • Sector: Energy, water, resource and emissions
    • Function: monitoring, targeting, benchmarking, performance analytics, optimisation and improvement; management systems

Our People