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Analysis and Solution of Maximum Thermal Waste Heat Recovery Potential

Analysis and solution of maximum thermal waste heat recovery potential

Many waste heats are not recovered and are loss to the environment.  There is huge potential to recover waste heat from reactors, furnace and many other process equipment via process-to-process heat exchange. However, determining the optimal heat exchanger integration are complex, especially when there are more than 10 hot and cold streams involved. Pinch Analysis is a systematic technique to analyse the maximum energy recovery potential and has been used by many companies to successfully achieve between 10 to 90% thermal energy reductions worldwide. 

Optimal Heat enables you to design the cost-effective maximum heat recovery system and heat exchanger network in a rapid and efficient way by using this Pinch Analysis technique. 


  1. Achieving (MER) Target
  2. Design (HEN) to achieve (MER) Target
  3. Too Complex to recover Waste Heat
  4. Need a Proven Systematic Heat Recovery Approach


  1. Audit your plant for waste heat recovery potential
  2. Reduce your company fuel utility bills
  3. Reduce your greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  4. Analyse your whole plant energy recovery potential
  5. Simple, easy and fast solutions for complex problems


  1. The minimum hot and cold utility target represented in Composite Curves or Problem Table Algorithm are automatically generated.
  2. Recommends the optimal heat exchanger network (HEN) configuration in a simple grid diagram
  3. Allow manual heat exchanger network design to modify the proposed heat exchanger network configuration
  4. Selection of appropriate utilities level and amount and can be determined by using the Grand Composite Curves module.
  5. Determine the capital and operating costs of the heat exchange network
  6. The selection of the right minimum temperature difference (MTD) in a Pinch Analysis to give minimum total cost.
  7. Aid the user to identify beneficial modifications.​

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