Consultancy for Energy Solutions

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Energy Audit Service

Identify improvement options on electricity and thermal energy bills, and provides a company with a clear picture of the overall energy balance and the baseline energy utilisation performance across its facility.

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Energy Management System (EMS)

Develop and deploy an Energy Management System and create awareness training in your company.


Measurement and Verification for Energy Projects

Our field experts can help your business to achieve operable understanding by using our measurement and verification procedure and determine the actual savings of your energy project.

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Pinch Analysis for Maximising Energy and Resource Efficiency

Know in detail using a developed systematic approach on your Process Site Heat Recovery and provide industry-backed improvement options and solutions.

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REEM Service for Energy Management System

Comply with EMEER 2008 and managing electrical energy usage for an EMEER-designated installation with our Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM).


GHG & Carbon Accounting – ISO 14064-1

Full set account for your business site’s green house gases (GHG) emissions, either direct or indirect.

Net Zero GHG Emission Planning

Net Zero GHG Emission Planning

A systematic approach to design a Net Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap or Carbon Management Plan for your company to maximise both the monetary saving and GHG emissions reduction.

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Carbon Footprint of Products Study and Reporting – ISO 14067

Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) reports the GHG emissions of a product throughout its different life cycle stages and is different from GHG inventory.