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Energy Audit Services

Establish baseline energy utilisation performance for a facility. Identify potential improvement options and cost savings on electricity and thermal energy bills, and provides a company with a clear picture of the overall energy balance and the baseline energy utilisation performance across its facility.

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Energy Management System (EMS)

Ceate awareness across your organisation on the importance of energy management. Develop and deploy an Energy Management System to achieve sustainable savings and comply with energy acts and regulations such EMEER and EECA.


Measurement and Verification (M&V) for Energy Projects

Monitor and verify the actual savings from your completed energy audit project feasibility studies with the help of our M&V experts.

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Maximising Energy and Resource Efficiency Using Pinch Analysis

Use Pinch Analysis to address the core of energy efficiency problems at industrial facilities so that energy (especially thermal energy and power) and utilities demanded from energy-guzzling equipment and processes can be strategically minimised.

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Certified Energy Manager, REEM and REM (Registered Energy Manager) Services

Comply with regulations such as the EMEER 2008, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA 2023) and other regulations in ASEAN and beyond to manage both electrical and thermal energy usage for designated installations with the help of our experienced REEMs and Certified Energy Managers.


GHG & Carbon Accounting – ISO 14064-1

Work with our experts to provide awareness, build capacity and conduct a full set of green house gas (GHG) emissions accounting, reporting and mitigation for your organisation in line with ISO14064-1.

Net Zero GHG Emission Planning

Net Zero GHG Emission Planning

Explore our systematic approach to design a Net Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap or Carbon Management Plan for your company to maximise cost savings and mitigate GHG emissions.

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Product Carbon Footprint Study and Reporting – ISO 14067

Enhance your product appeal and marketability by accounting for the GHG emissions throughout its different life cycle stages, and learn to apply it in the context of GHG inventory reporting.

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