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In-house Training List

Training SeriesCourse TitleModuleOnline SessionCode
Energy Management Series Practising Energy Management - UTM Energy Awareness Training Program T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS1
Energy Management Series Energy Manager Certification under AEMAS & Energy Commission Professionals T.B.A. Yes EMS2
Energy Management Series Introduction to Technical Energy Audit T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS3
Energy Management Series Energy Audit on Electrical Systems T.B.A. Yes EMS4
Energy Management Series Energy Audit on Mechanical Equipment T.B.A. Yes EMS5
Energy Management Series Energy Audit on Boiler Systems T.B.A. Yes EMS6
Energy Management Series Energy Audit on Steam Systems T.B.A. Yes EMS7
Energy Management Series Improving Energy Efficiency via Heat Integration T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS8
Energy Management Series Energy-Efficient Distillation Columns T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS9
Energy Management Series Engineering Behavioural Change to Conserve Energy and Save Utility Cost T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS10
Energy Management Series Combined Heat and Power T.B.A. T.B.A. EMS11
Training SeriesCourse TitleModuleOnline SessionCode
Chemical Engineering Series Distillation Column Design, Operation and Control T.B.A. T.B.A. CES1
Chemical Engineering Series Reactor Systems Design, Operation and Control T.B.A. T.B.A. CES2
Chemical Engineering Series Inherent Safety & Health in Process Industry T.B.A. T.B.A. CES3
Chemical Engineering Series Gas Conversion Management T.B.A. T.B.A. CES4
Chemical Engineering Series Optimization Techniques and Tools on Sustainable Planning and Engineering of Process T.B.A. T.B.A. CES5
Chemical Engineering Series Process Dynamics and Control for Plant Operators T.B.A. T.B.A. CES6
Chemical Engineering Series Product Design & Development T.B.A. T.B.A. CES7
Chemical Engineering Series LCA and Environmental Footprints Assessment Tools T.B.A. T.B.A. CES8
Chemical Engineering Series HAZOP and Risk Assessment T.B.A. T.B.A. CES9
Chemical Engineering Series Matlab and Industry Application T.B.A. T.B.A. CES10
Chemical Engineering Series Improving Plant Cost Efficiency via Water Integration T.B.A. T.B.A. CES11
Chemical Engineering Series Resource Planning and Management Tools Based on Pinch Analysis for Policy Makers, Industrial Site Planners, Industries and Buildings T.B.A. T.B.A. CES12
Training SeriesCourse TitleModuleOnline SessionCode
Professional Skills Series Introduction to MATLAB T.B.A. T.B.A. PSS1
Professional Skills Series Introduction to Product Design T.B.A. T.B.A. PSS2
Professional Skills Series Process Control for Technician and Plant Operator T.B.A. T.B.A. PSS3
Training SeriesCourse TitleModuleOnline SessionCode
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Synthesis T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS1
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Processing T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS2
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Blends and Additives T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS3
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Physic and Properties T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS4
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Characterization T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS5
Polymer Technology Series Polymer Composites T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS6
Polymer Technology Series Product Design & Development T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS7
Polymer Technology Series Smart Polymer T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS8
Polymer Technology Series Rubber and Latex Technology T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS9
Polymer Technology Series Adhesive and Polymer Coating Technology T.B.A. T.B.A. PTS10

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