"Towards Net Zero Emissions"

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22 - 23 August 2022

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COPE-BEST 2022 overview

Discuss the outlook, latest trends and developments on ESEEC among end users (industries and commercial buildings), universities and research institutions, service providers and policy makers in the context of Malaysia, ASEAN and beyond.  

Showcase best practices and drive the adoption of latest innovation to improve the ESEEC of end users. The best practices and innovation showcases may include local winners of research invention awards, National Energy Award, ASEAN Energy Awards, and selected recipients of Energy Audit Conditional Grant.

Promote quadruple-helix ESEEC stakeholders collaboration among end-users, universities, research institutions as well as policy makers to facilitate the co-operative development and adoption of local ESEEC technologies and innovations, in particular those geared toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Foster national, regional and global linkages between Malaysia energy community with a global network of universities (e.g. PRES – Process Integration, Modeling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction), end users and research institutions and policy makers in energy sustainability.

Key Statistics for COPE-BEST 2021

The first convention to synergise Best Practices and Innovations in Energy Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, COPE-BEST 2021 is held virtually on 28-29 July 2021.

Policy Makers
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​Participants' Testimonial

Great effort to bring together the government bodies, the industry, and academia!
Grace Ann Yap Su-Mei
Speaker of COPE-BEST 2021
Fully embrace the digital conference platform. Nice setup. Interesting way for networking, simple platform with good scheduling of sessions.​
Mohd Azizi bin Abdul Aziz
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
In my point of view, in terms of Platform used, I could not find any flaws at the moment as I find it feasible, while for the keynote, plenary and forum sessions, organizers did exceptional job in gathering the right experts into this convention.
Muhammad Ramziuddin bin Zakaria
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
I am impressed on the topic discussed and selection of very talented speakers.
​Ahmad Shahzalli bin Abd. Majid
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
It is very interesting convention and it needs to continue to be held next time to make sure our communities know the crucial of sustainability.​
Saiful Azrin bin Saidi
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
Great event, especially for the link industry-academy-sicentific comunities in this priotritary topic of energy management.
Alicia Roman-Martinez
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
The convention is an eye-opener of our current status in renewable energy and a big picture of our direction plan for now and in future.
Norain binti Idris
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021

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Your New Exhibition Hub for Sustainable Practices & Adoption

Convention on Promotion of Energy Sustainability Best Practices 2022 offers the most efficient and targeted event for Green Initiative companies in Malaysia and beyond. This expanded and targeted business development event will help your company reach new heights and explore interests in collaboration with like-minded partners.

Hear from Visionaries, Policy Leaders, and Industry Experts.

Speakers and agenda for Convention on Promotion of Energy Sustainability Best Practices 2022 will be announced as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned for our monthly ENERGISE Talk Series and win vouchers for the annual highly-anticipated sustainability conference.

Towards Net Zero Emissions

- About the Theme -

As the world marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, a promising movement for carbon neutrality is taking shape. 

By year 2021, countries representing more than 65 per cent of harmful greenhouse gasses and more than 70 per cent of the world economy will have committed to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of the century.

At the same time, the main climate indicators are worsening.  While the Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily reduced emissions, carbon dioxide levels are still at record highs – and rising.  The past decade was the hottest on record; Arctic sea ice in October was the lowest ever, and apocalyptic fires, floods, droughts and storms are increasingly the new normal.  Biodiversity is collapsing, deserts are spreading, oceans are warming and choking with plastic waste.  Science tells us that unless we cut fossil fuel production by 6 per cent every year between now and 2030, things will get worse. 

Pandemic recovery gives us an unexpected yet vital opportunity to attack climate change, fix our global environment, re-engineer economies and re-imagine our future.  Here is what we must do:

First, we need build a truly global coalition for carbon neutrality by 2050.