Commercialisation of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Intellectual Property


Comprehensive Smart Management of Asset Real-Time

C-SMART is a full-fledged solution that assists you in all aspects of asset and maintenance management, including asset  register setup and asset tracking, as well as management of corrective and  preventive maintenance regimes. It consists of 3 modules – Asset Management  and Maintenance Management, supplemented with a comprehensive list of  reports.


Smart Energy Data Acquisition Real-Time

a-SEDAR features from measure, monitor, manage energy and water consumption with a user-friendly system. Addition of mobile view to reduce utility cost and carbon footprint.


Personalised Smart Energy Demand Analysis and Reduction

p-SEDAR is the first humanised IoT-based smart system that integrates building management, with autonomous end users’ actions enabled by sensors and controllers of building electrical appliances.

Optimal Audit

3-in-1 Energy, Gas Emission and Wastewater Audit

Optimal Audit is a software for overall resource monitoring, management and optimisation in a process plant and building facility towards achieving efficiency and reduction in energy, gaseous emissions and liquid discharge. The software data interface and features has been innovatively designed to accept crucial data to provide solution for the three routine major tasks listed above. It is an innovative, accessible and friendly integrated software package solution for optimal resource management. Therefore Optimal-Audit offers efficient integrated, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for optimal resource management.

Optimal Heat

Rapid, Efficient and Cost-Effective Design of Maximum Heat Recovery Network

Optimal Heat enables you to design the cost-effective maximum heat recovery system and heat exchanger network in a rapid and efficient way by using this Pinch Analysis technique. Many waste heats are not recovered and are loss to the environment.  There is huge potential to recover waste heat from reactors, furnace and many other process equipment via process-to-process heat exchange. However, determining the optimal heat exchanger integration are complex, especially when there are more than 10 hot and cold streams involved. Pinch Analysis is a systematic technique to analyse the maximum energy recovery potential and has been used by many companies to successfully achieve between 10 to 90% thermal energy reductions worldwide. 

Optimal Water

Analyze Your Company Maximum Water Reuse Potential Based On Pinch Analysis

Optimal Water is a software to analyse maximum water recovery potential in a facility. It enables you to design the process water system and water recycle network in a rapid and efficient way. Optimal Water assists you to improve the water efficiency and reduce the fresh water consumption and waste water of your process water network, and therefore reduce the water utilities cost and waste water treatment cos. Optimal Water automates the process of designing the water network that gives maximum water saving. For a retrofit project on existing process water system, Optimal Water helps you to pin-point the scope of improvement for your water network. For new design, Optimal Water assist you to design the optimal water recycle network with minimum fresh water consumption and waste water discharge. Optimal Water has been proven on both industrial and urban projects and delivered satisfied results. Whatever your case is, Optimal Water gives you a cutting edge for your company to be water efficient.


Ships Emission Management Systems

SEMS was developed to help port owners to account the shipping emissions and analyse the emissions improvement measures in ports, under the requirement of MARPOL Annex VI.  Ship emissions have remarkable global, regional, and local adverse impacts on the air quality on sea and land.

The most important pollutants emitted from ships are nitrogen oxide (NOX), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate matter (PM).  The health effects of air pollution at ports may include asthma, other respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and premature death.  The systems have been used by Johor Port Authority to monitor all the air emissions for all ports in Johor. The system includes web-based and mobile application.


The 1st Digital Waste Trading Platform in Malaysia

Waste2Wealth (W2W) is a single, integrated online platform that connects all the key players virtually to promote circular economy. W2W acts as an advertising platform that allows industrial and organisations to promote and trade their existing waste, resources, services, and green innovation.