Prospective Thermal Energy Recovery Technologists (TERT) progress to the Advanced Level of TERT Certification Program 2

March 14, 2021

Prospective Thermal Energy Recovery Technologists (TERT) progress to the Advanced Level of TERT Certification Program

About the Prospective TERT Progress to the Advanced Level

Malaysia’s first online Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) certification program enters the Advance Level (Level 2) today with the first batch of 25 selected trainees from among the future as well as experienced energy auditors, energy managers, consultants, industrial practitioners, technologists and researchers out of nearly 100 TERT workshop applicants. 

Fully sponsored by PENJANA HRDF Gig fund, the workshop is part of OPTIMISE’s and UTM-PROSPECT’s initiative to build capacity and expertise for the current and future Thermal Energy Auditors and Experts, in support of the government’s aspiration to build resilience and create a sustainable and efficient industrial eco-system through initiatives such as the National Energy Award (NEA), Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG) and the anticipated enactment of Malaysia’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA).

TERT participants who completed the “Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist User Level training from 28th Feb to 2nd March expressed their desire to master practical implementation of the techniques, and secure certification by completing all 4 TERT modules.

The Advance TERT (Level 2) is aimed at upskilling participants on the Advanced Process Integration based on Pinch Analysis techniques to maximise industrial energy savings. Level 2 modules include advanced techniques to maximise industrial thermal energy efficiency including integration of combined heat and power systems, implementing process changes, large scale site-wide heat integration and analysis and retrofit of existing heat recovery networks. Participants of TERT Level 2 shall be assigned practical industrial projects to simulate real-life industrial thermal energy audit.

Participants who completed this week’s Advanced TERT Level 2 module will have the chance to be a Certified TERT Expert by completing TERT Level 3. Participants shall need to complete their sets of project team assignment, and pass a qualifying exam for the ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – Level 3: Expert’ certification.

Finally, participants will have the chance to promote themselves to the level of an industrial practitioner by completing a real life industrial process integration project. Upon successful completion of the project, participants are required to submit the project report to be verified by the company manager. Participants will finally undergo a competency-based interview to communicate their experiences as a proof the acquired competency. Successful completion of this level will earn them ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist –TERT Level 4: Industrial Practitioner’ Certification.

This article is published on March 14, 2021 by Optimal Systems Engineering

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