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Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – Level 1: User

For Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) Level 1 competency, participants will be equipped with the basics of heat recovery, analysing thermal energy losses from the processes, energy-saving potentials, and the tools to target and design the maximum energy recovery system based on Pinch Technology. Participants will be trained by using excel tools for calculations and is also introduced to Optimal Heat software. Participants need to submit the completed excel calculation as proof they have mastered the competency.

Training Package Fee

Package A : RM3000/pax (17% off)

**Save RM600 when you register for Package A. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-3 (online training method with instructors).

Package B : RM2500/pax (11% off) 

**Save RM300 when you register for Package B. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-2 (self-paced training method with no instructors) + TERT level 3 (Online).

Training Course Fee
    • Physical / Online Course Fee : RM1700/pax
    • Self-Paced Course Fee : RM1200/pax
Past Participant Reviews
This training really benefits me as I can enhance my understanding of pinch analysis for the future thermal heat recovery project. And really interested to know more and go further for the next level.
Siti Aishah
It really contributes to personal skills growth and helps participant qualities to be equipped with current industry needs. It delivers what it offers and gives some eye-opening theory and understanding on how energy conservation should be analyzed and done rather than just to commit to renewable energy or conventionally resources to newer or better equipment by relooking into plant design.
Nur Hidayat
Executive - Operation (Cogeneration)
TERT Level 1 training has provided me with a very good understanding and overall view about thermal heat recovery process, the essence of the Pinch Analysis, various analytical tools of Pinch Analysis and others. Having the thermal experts trainers guiding the trainees is another plus of this TERT Level 1 training by Optimize while being coached by experience facilitators during the working session. Looking forward for TERT Level 2 soon!
Ganesh Rao
Senior Civil Structural Engineer
The trainers are expert in their field and I truly learned a lot from their best knowledge. Not to forget the helpful facilitators who made this online training a great learning experience. Thank you!
Tommy Chang

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