Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – Level 2: Advanced

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Training Summary

For TERT Level 2 competency, participants are exposed to more advanced Pinch Technology techniques to optimise capital and operating cost of the thermal energy recovery system, further recovery potential from process modification analysis, combined heat and power system integration and analysis, retrofit analysis and exploring multiple sites energy exchange potential. Participants need to submit the completed excel calculation as proof they have mastered the competency.

Course Duration: 16 hours (8 hours + 8 hours) / 2 Full Days

Course Objective

    1. Understand the importance of heat exchanger network retrofit.
    2. Apply the steps to perform heat exchanger network retrofit.
    3. Perform economic analysis and cost-benefit analysis for heat exchanger network design.
    4. Perform retrofit case study.
    5. Understand the basic concept of process modification.
    6. Understand the combined heat & power system.
    7. Understand the concept of total site heat integration.

Certification Level Overview

Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) is a professional training to develop more global experts in thermal energy recovery system based on Pinch Technology.  Participants from this course are awarded competency certification based on the level of completion.  Be among the pioneers and expert in thermal energy for processes, differentiating yourself from other energy auditors which focusses only on utility system audit.  Pinch Technology is known to save energy between 15 to 90%, in comparison to utility audit which only saves up to 30%.  The technology also commonly provides an attractive payback period of fewer than three years, as compared to the renewable energy system. 

Past Projects

The industrial sector accounts for about one-third of the global energy consumption, with up to 50% of energy ultimately lost in the form of waste heat in hot exhaust gases, in cooling water, and on heated surfaces and products [US Department of Energy]. Recovery of thermal energy from waste heat presents the biggest cost-saving opportunity for energy efficiency improvement in the industrial sector.

    1. USD 12.8 million/year on energy savings by Retrofit of Heat Recovery System (Refinery)
    2. USD 4.1 million/year on energy savings by Total Site Heat Integration Retrofit Study (Middle Distillate)
    3. USD 0.75 million/year on energy and water recovery savings (Oleochemical)

Reason to Join

If you are an energy manager, energy auditor, or energy service company.

    1. Equip yourself as a TERT to manage thermal energy. The anticipated enactment of the Malaysia Energy Efficiency & Conservation Act (EECA) shall unlock opportunities for energy managers with the competency to audit, manage, and optimize thermal energy systems apart from electrical energy.
    2. Gain competency to perform practical retrofit of existing facilities. Learn from certified experts and practitioners on how to perform optimal thermal energy recovery analysis to retrofit existing facilities practically, and gain the support of top management to achieve triple bottom-line benefits.
    3. Offer value-added energy audit services for the ASEAN community. If you are an energy auditor, you will be able to offer value-added energy audit services to your customer by incorporating thermal energy recovery of the process. You can also offer energy audit services under the newly announced Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG) which supports energy auditing of both electrical and thermal energy. Widespread and holistic implementation of Energy Management System cover­ing thermal and electrical energy in the region is expected to significantly increase the demand for thermal energy analysis experts in Malaysia and across ASEAN.

If thermal energy is the leading energy cost in your manufacturing site.

Huge potential reduction in energy bills from thermal heat recovery.

Over 7000 successful process integration applications worldwide, including our project experiences have resulted in thermal energy savings of between 10 to 50%, and a payback period of less than 3 years. Our recent petroleum refinery retrofit project for example amassed an annual savings of USD 12 Million.

“We already have heat recovery systems in place. How could we benefit more?’’

Our experience shows that plant renovation, plant expansion, the addition of new product lines, consideration of total site, and area-wide integration could lead to ample energy cost-saving potentials.

Trainer Profile

Prof Ir Ts Dr Zainuddin Abdul Manan is currently the chair of the EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act) Thermal Energy drafting committee under the Malaysian Ministry of Energy. He founded and spearheaded the UTM Sustainable Energy Management initiative that led UTM to achieve more than USD 6 million energy savings between 2011 and 2019, and to win the ASEAN Energy Award in 2012.

Prof Ir Dr Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi specialises in process systems engineering with emphasis on process integration and resource conservation. She is a certified ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS) Energy Manager trainer and a Registered Electrical Energy Manager under Malaysia Energy Commission. She is currently the energy advisor for UTM Energy Management System.

Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun has been extensively involved in 22 research projects, 11 industrial based projects for various companies and government agencies. The key clients include local industries and multinational companies such as BERNAS, FABER MEDISERVE, SHELL, OLEON in Malaysia and PERTAMINA in Indonesia. He has assisted those companies identify energy saving opportunities worth millions of dollar through the use of process integration and process systems engineering approach.


Training Course Fee (for Online Training)

Course Fee: RM1400/pax 
Early bird Price: RM1260/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

Group Course Fee: RM1260/pax (Group of 3 and above)
Group Early bird Price: RM1190/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

**Price excluding 6% sst charges

**Early bird price for HRDC claimable only valid within 2 months before training date


Training Course Fee (for Self-Paced Training)

Course Fee : RM900/pax

**Self-paced Training is where you can learn in your own time and schedule, all course materials and resources are available after registration and quizzes can be submitted at any time during it. You will be awarded Certificate of Completion upon finishing the entire course. CDP claimable upon completion, kindly refer to info above, T&Cs apply.

**Price excluding 6% sst charges

Other Registration Method

For group registration, kindly download the registration form via the link above and send to [email protected].

Bundle Package (TERT level 1 -3)

TERT Bundle A: RM3900/pax (RM4700/pax)
**Save RM600 when you register for Bundle A. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-3 (online training method with instructors).

TERT Bundle B: RM5100/pax (RM6200/pax)
**Save RM1100 when you register for Bundle B. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-3 + (online training method with instructors) + Optimal Heat Software (Licence for 1 computer).

TERT Bundle C: RM2500/pax (RM2800/pax)
**Save RM300 when you register for Bundle C. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-2 (self-paced training method with no instructors) + TERT level 3 (Online).

TERT Bundle D: RM3600/pax (RM4300/pax)
**Save RM700 when you register for Bundle D. This bundle contains Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist level 1-2 (self-paced training method with no instructors) + TERT level 3 (Online) + Optimal Heat Software (Licence for 1 computer).

**Price excluding 6% sst charges

Ratings & Reviews
It will enhance the engineers' career and entrepreneurship skills. It is a great idea for engineers that will improve the confidence level.
Lim Kek Sia
Building Commissioning Specialist
Very good, it promotes awareness of thermal energy saving.
Tee Wee Song
It's a future-proof program and able to empower more freelancers in Malaysia. As an engineer, this help me to understand energy saving & ways to improve plant performance as an overall. Excellent training!
Research Officer
It gives extra skill to the working generation.
Chong Chan Yau
Project Manager
Good initiative from the government, and with the right policy and strategies, it would greatly benefit the participant.
Mohd Lutfi bin Mahali
Electrical Engineer
The training has been an eye opener for me on pinch analysis and the different methods that can be applied to the process plant I worked at.
Energy Manager & Sustainability Program Leader
The training further deepen and enhance my understanding of heat recovery and pinch analysis. This kind of training needs to be conducted more often to benefit more people.
Cheng Kai Cong
Energy Manager
Its a good programme to join and improve skill.
Sitti Aishah Binti Najamudin
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