August 15, 2021

Optimise Introduces a Suite Of Intelligent Facility Management Software Products


Optimal Systems Engineering announced the launching of a suite of OPTIMISE intelligent facility management software products, in conjunction with COPE-BEST 2021, the first Convention on Promotion of Energy Sustainability Best Practices.  

The c-SMART, A-SEDAR and P-SEDAR are the three new OPTIMISE intelligent facility management software systems that were launched during COPE-BEST 2021. Below area highlights of the software features.

(i) c-SMART, or the Comprehensive-Smart Management of Asset Real Time is an IoT-based total asset management and preventive maintenance system that can help raise a company’s productivity and ensure efficient and smooth business operation through an effective, data-driven, smart asset management program. c-SMART enables organization to perform preventive maintenance by keeping track of the performance of its essential assets through real-time monitoring of its critical operating parameters. Equipped with a complete maintenance work order status (from raising the user request until completion of the task), c-SMART is the perfect solution for managing your business’ assets.

(ii) a-SEDAR, or the Smart energy data acquisition real time is a cloud-based IoT software to monitor and manage energy and water consumption. It is designed for organisations looking for smart energy and water meters for their facility. A-SEDAR has already been deployed in numerous hospitals in Malaysia such as the Hospital Kuala Lumpur. A-SEDAR helps energy managers at the hospitals to perform real-time monitoring and analysis of facility energy consumption using a single platform, and prepare regular comprehensive report for the management.

(iii) p-SEDAR or the Personalized Smart Energy Demand Analysis & Reduction mobile and web-based apps is equipped with special features to engage, motivate and excite employees to conserve energy through competition, gamification, and empowerment. P-SEDAR empowers users to control energy appliances and join various energy awareness promotion and reward programmes. It is a smart energy solution that involves all levels of employees. P-SEDAR is currently being used at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia hostels as part of a program to instil smart energy awareness among university students.

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This article is published on August 15, 2021 by Optimal Systems Engineering

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