Technical Energy Audit for Chiller Plant and Improvement Solution

Course is HRDC Claimable.

Training Summary

The goal of this two-day live online technical chiller plant audit course is to provide a broad understanding of chiller plant system and air conditioning efficiency improvement in buildings.

Chiller plants are one of the largest consumers of energy inside a building, their performance can have a huge impact on operational costs. For this reason, the efficiency of a chiller plant is often closely monitored for potential improvement.
In this course you will learn how to analyze measured data and calculations involved to operate the chiller plant efficiently.

Course Objective

    1. Reduction in energy bills from improvement of chiller plant efficiency.
    2. Retrofit and optimization of chiller plant.

Learning Outcome

    1. Chiller Plant Energy Audit.
    2. Measured Data Analysis.
    3. Improvement Analysis and Identification of Saving. Opportunity.
    4. Working Principle of Cooling System.
    5. Cooling Systems Water and Air Side.
    6. Efficiency Improvement in Chiller Plant.
    7. Actual Case Studies and Analysis.

Suitable for who

    1. Lecturers teaching building air conditioning.
    2. Students who require detail understanding of building air conditioning.
    3. Consultant working on efficient chiller plant retrofit or optimization.
    4. Energy auditors and energy managers
    5. Facility Managers and engineers interested to learn on how to improve chiller plant efficiency.

Trainer Profile

Dr. VTR Dharamarajah is an established and well known among energy efficiency industry players in Malaysia as a very experienced energy efficiency expert especially in the area of energy auditing and air conditioning systems for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Dr. Dharma has been working in the HVAC industry and energy efficiency related industries. He possesses more than 26 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences in energy efficiency business and solutions.

He has vast experience in identifying energy saving potential in buildings and various industrial facilities in countries in Asia and Europe from the development of projects to the implementation until the results achieved and reported. He has involved in hundreds of energy audits and has successfully implemented some energy performance contracting projects as well to save energy costs for his clients.

Dr. Dharamarajah is a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) with Energy Commission, a Certified Energy Auditor and Accredited Energy Measurement and Verification Professional with Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies (MAESCO). He is also actively involved in promoting the energy efficiency industry as the Honorary Secretary of MAESCO and a committee member in the Malaysian Association of Registered Electrical Energy Managers (MAREEM).

Currently, he is one of the expert trainers and assessors for the Certified Energy Manager’s Training Course by MAESCO which is endorsed by Energy Commission to qualify to become REEMs.

Training Course Fee (for Online Training)

Course Fee: RM1400/pax 
Early bird Price: RM1260/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

Group Course Fee: RM1260/pax (Group of 3 and above)
Group Early bird Price: RM1190/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

**Price excluding 6% sst charges

**Early bird price for HRDC claimable only valid within 2 months before training date

Other Registration Method

For group registration, kindly download the registration form via the link above and send to [email protected].

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Registration Form

Registration Form

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