Industrial Thermal Energy Audit and Analysis (ITEA)

Course is HRDC Claimable.

Next Training Date: 22 - 24 July 2024

Training Summary

Thermal energy efficiency improvement typically offers the biggest scope for energy cost saving in industry. Thermal energy audit involves systematic and detailed analysis of the performance of thermal energy equipment and systems of a facility, and to benchmark against the system’s design performance.

This ITEA course consists of 3-day modules. Participants need to demonstrate the learning outcomes of all modules in order to obtain the certification.


Up to 50% of industrial thermal energy input are finally lost as waste heat in exhaust gases, cooling water, heated surfaces and in products/byproducts (US-DoE). Thermal energy efficiency improvement typically offers among the biggest scope for energy cost saving in industry. By benchmarking process and equipment performances, identifying inefficiencies and implementing targeted measures involving optimization of operating parameters and equipment upgrades, significant cost savings and emission reduction can be achieved. Regular monitoring and maintenance of optimal operations ensure sustained energy cost savings, GHG emission reduction and compliance with regulations.

Course Objective

This course aims to equip participants with practical concepts, principles, tools and systematic techniques to conduct energy audit, benchmark and analyse the thermal energy efficiency of industrial processes and utility systems, and effectively apply the tools and techniques for thermal energy cost saving measures.

1. Improve the energy efficiency of a facility’s thermal energy system.
2. Reduce the facility’s thermal energy costs and GHG emissions.
3. Prepare the organisation for setting up of energy management system.
4. Raise competitiveness through thermal energy management expertise.

Learning Outcome

    1. Holistically perform energy audit involving process as well as the utility areas.
    2. Conduct process/equipment energy accounting using energy balances & Sankey diagram.
    3. Apply systematic procedure for macro and technical-level energy audit and analysis.
    4. Utilise Pinch Analysis benchmarking tool to establish energy recovery targets for process and utilities and to assess potential to maximise energy savings.
    5. Gain awareness on Pinch Analysis Optimal-Heat software for maximising heat recovery.
    6. Identify, analyse and evaluate energy savings measures covering thermal utility system such as boiler and steam system, combined heat and power (cogeneration); and processes and such as reactor, ovens, dryers, separator and heat exchangers.

1. Apply the insights, principles and the big picture of industrial energy audit.
2. Perform material and energy balances for practical industrial thermal energy analysis.
3. Apply the tools to analyse steam properties.
4. Apply the key criteria for fuel selection and combustion.
5. Determine the energy performance of thermal energy system components
6. Use calculator/spreadsheet to explore improvement opportunities.
7. Apply no cost, low cost and practical strategies to improve performance of thermal energy system.


Utility/Facility Managers and Engineers, Energy Auditors, Energy Managers, Lecturers and Researchers.

Course Outline

    1. Energy generation and distribution covering equipment system such as boiler, steam system and heating and cooling utilities circuit and common energy saving measures
    2. Application of pinch analysis technique with software demonstration to maximise overall process and utility and energy efficiencies, heat recovery and energy cost savings
    3. Thermal energy audit procedure and reporting

1. Overview of Thermal Energy Systems (TES) in Industrial Applications
2. Key Principles and Concepts In Thermal Energy System Applications
3. Dryers, Evaporators, Distillation Column
4. Heat Exchangers
5. Heat Integration Using Pinch Analysis
6. Fuel and Combustion
7. Steam System: Energy Generation
8. Steam System: Energy Distribution and Utilisation
9. Hot Oil Systems
10. Cogeneration
11. Solar Thermal for Process Heating
12. Absorption Chiller
13. Thermal Energy Storage
14. Thermal Energy Audit and Report

Certification Level Overview

This ITEA course consists of 2 levels, participant can attend all levels at their respective dates to receive the Certification for ITEA.

    1. Industrial Thermal Energy Audit and Analysis (ITEA) Part 1
    2. Industrial Thermal Energy Audit and Analysis (lTEA) Part 2

Trainer Profile

Prof Ir Ts Dr Zainuddin Abdul Manan is currently the chair of the EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act) Thermal Energy drafting committee under the Malaysian Ministry of Energy. He founded and spearheaded the UTM Sustainable Energy Management initiative that led UTM to achieve more than USD 6 million energy savings between 2011 and 2019, and to win the ASEAN Energy Award in 2012.

Prof Ir Dr Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi specialises in process systems engineering with emphasis on process integration and resource conservation. She is a certified ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS) Energy Manager trainer and a Registered Electrical Energy Manager under Malaysia Energy Commission. She is currently the energy advisor for UTM Energy Management System.

Associate Professor Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun has been extensively involved in 22 research projects, 11 industrial based projects for various companies and government agencies. The key clients include local industries and multinational companies such as BERNAS, FABER MEDISERVE, SHELL, OLEON in Malaysia and PERTAMINA in Indonesia. He has assisted those companies identify energy saving opportunities worth millions of dollar through the use of process integration and process systems engineering approach.


Training Course Fee + Training Mode [Physical]

Course Fee: RM3100/pax 
**Price excluding 6% sst charges

Training Course Fee (for Online Training)

Course Fee: RM3000/pax 
HRDC Price: RM3200/pax
Early bird Price: RM2700/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

Group Course Fee: RM2700/pax (Group of 3 and above)
Group Early bird Price: RM2430/pax – Full payment 1 month before training date.

*Price excluding 8% sst charges
**Early bird price for HRDC claimable only valid within 2 months before training date

Other Registration Method

For group registration, kindly download the registration form via the link above and send to [email protected].

Bundle Package (ITEA level 1 - 2)

ITEA Bundle A : RM2000/pax (RM2400/pax)

**Save RM400 when you register for Bundle A. This bundle contains Industrial Thermal Energy Audit & Analysis level 1-2 (online training method with instructors).

Past Participant Reviews
ITEA Training was very useful training for those company aiming to get energy efficiency on plant operations. From theory and up to depth methodology, participants are learning a lot of new methods from very Optimise experience Proffesor and educators. I will recommend for those are going for sustainaiblity to join this training. Well done OPTIMISE!
Azree Hazwan
Project Manager, Becis Malaysia
I enjoyed the training so much as it allowed me to refresh my engineering calculations and link them with my industrial experience. Even though I have 15 years industrial experience in oil and gas, I learnt so much during this training.
Izza Mahmod
Improvement Executive, Petronas Chemical Ethylene Sdn.Bhd
The course provides good guidance on conducting thermal energy audit which is very different (maybe more rigorous) than the electrical energy audit that I’m familiar with and have participated in. It’s a good refresher course from what I’ve learnt during my undergrad years, and even more relatable since I got to apply it to an actual scale that matches my current responsibility. The stepwise details on the audit approach are also very helpful for me to get started.
Nassya binti Mohd Said
Reseacher, SIRIM Malaysia
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