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Thermal Energy Audit for Steam System

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  1. A comprehensive report with tangible options
  2. Understand your energy flow via Sankey diagram
  3. Feasible technical solution to reduce thermal energy consumptions

Your Concerns

  1. Not sure what is the boiler efficiency of your plant
  2. Not sure how to improve your boiler efficiency
  3. Beyond boiler, what are the other things can be done for your thermal energy system

Our Approach

  1. Site audit and desktop data collection on your boiler, steam system and process
  2. Using Sankey diagram to visualise the energy distribution in process plant
  3. Use proprietary tool for data analysis to identify the boiler efficiency
  4. Identify the technical improvement options to improve the energy efficiency from a system perspective
  5. Conduct economic analysis on the proposed options
  6. Presenting the results to receive feedback from clients

Our Deliverables

  1. A comprehensive report with tangible options to improve energy efficiency of thermal energy system.
  2. Understand your energy flow via the Sankey diagram, the distribution of your thermal energy cost.
  3. A set of feasible technical solution from all aspects of thermal energy system to reduce your thermal energy consumptions and energy bill.

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