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  • Two Days Course on Optimizing Compressed Air System for Energy Efficiency
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  • Two Days Course on Optimizing Compressed Air System for Energy Efficiency
Two Days Course on Optimizing Compressed Air System for Energy Efficiency




UTM Johor Bahru


2 Days




Points Claimable

  • UTM Johor Bahru
  • 2 Days Training
  • HRDF Claimable
  • 8 CDP Points Claimable

The objectives of this course is to educate and provide understanding of compressed air system; the various air compressors, air storage system, air treatment system, as well as the efficient design consideration and system optimization of the compressed air system. The system optimization approach provides an overall energy saving besides ensuring the compressed air system performance and reliability. Efficient and reliable compressed air system reduces energy consumption and downtime besides ensuring smooth production and operation in the industrial plants.

At the end of the course, we hope plant engineers and facility users will be able to optimize the existing compressed air system and reduce the energy consumption hence the cost of energy.

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Learning Outcome:
  • Compressed air system performance improvement.
  • Types of air compressors and their applications.
  • Air dryers, filters, piping and energy related aspects.
  • Basic design and the effect of system components on compressed air operation.
  • System optimization approach to improve overall compressed air system energy efficiency.
  • The effect of leakage, artificial demand and inappropriate use on system efficiency.
  • Good practices in maintenance in keeping system reliability.
Course Outline:
  • Basic of Compressed Air System.
  • Energy Usage and Efficiency Comparison.
  • Compressed Air System Component.
  • Sizing and Type of Control Method
  • Compressed Air System Design
  • Optimizing of Compressed Air System.
  • Demand Side Management
  • Best Practices in Operation and Maintenance.

Course Benefits:
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the mechanical equipment in your facilities
  • Gain professional recognition
  • Prepare your organisation for setting up energy management system

  • None
Who Should Attend:
  • Energy manager
  • Professionals from any discipline
  • Facility/maintenance managers or engineers
  • Industry personnel who wish to learn more on electrical system
  • Malaysian Energy Professional Association (MEPA) members

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