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Five Days Course on Certified Thermal Energy Auditor


This Certified Thermal Energy Auditor (CTEA) workshop covers our copy-righted modules that are designed to enable participants to exploit opportunities for energy cost savings through thermal energy optimisation and recovery from the energy generation part, i.e., boiler or furnace, and energy distribution system (steam system, steam trap and piping insulation), usage (process end users and cogeneration), and waste heat recovery.

Learning Outcome:

  • Evaluate the performance of your existing thermal energy system
  • Improvement options apart from the energy saving opportunities from boiler
  • Quantify the energy savings and convince management to invest in energy-saving
  • Evaluate the feasibility of incorporating cogeneration into your plant
Course Outline:
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to thermal energy system
  • Fundamental of mass, energy balance and steam properties
  • Fuel and combustion
  • Energy efficiency options in steam generation
  • Energy efficiency options in steam distribution
  • Energy efficiency options in steam usage
  • Energy efficiency options in condensate Energy efficiency options for thermal oil heater
  • Energy efficiency options for furnace
  • Cogeneration implementation
  • Target the maximum heat recovery via pinch
  • Reporting for thermal energy audit

Course Benefits:

  • Equip yourself as a CTEA to manage thermal energy
  • Gain competency to perform practical retrofit of existing facilities
  • Offer value-added energy audit services for the ASEAN community
Who Should Attend:
  • Energy manager
  • Professionals from any discipline
  • Facility/maintenance managers or engineers
  • Industry personnel who wish to learn more on electrical system

Certified Trainer

Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun

Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun


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  • Training Fee : RM4200⠀ ̶R̶M̶5̶0̶0̶0̶
  • Date : 8 – 12 Nov 2020
  • Location : UTM Johor Bahru
  • Duration: 5 Days x 8 hours
  • CPD : 20 BEM points*
  • CDP : 20 REEM points*

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