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  • Five Days Course on Certified Pinch Expert
Five Days Course on Certified Pinch Expert


18 - 22 Oct 2020


UTM Johor Bahru


5 Days




Points Claimable

  • DATE: 18 - 22 Oct 2020
  • UTM Johor Bahru
  • 5 Days Training
  • HRDF Claimable

This Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) workshop covers our copyrighted and patented trade mark technologies on PROCESS INTEGRATION BASED ON PINCH ANALYSIS that delves deep into process operation covering furnaces,reactors, seperators, heaters, coolers and heat exchanger netwrok retrofit; on top of conducting typical energy audit of utility systems (e.g. boiler, staeam system, motors and appliances covered under our CTEA module).

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Learning Outcome:
  • Overview of Pinch Analysis as a Tool to Maximise Utility Savings in Process Industry
  • Process Integration – The Basic Concepts
  • Setting the Minimum Utility Targets
  • Design of Heat Exchanger Network
  • Stream Data Extraction (SDE)
  • Multiple Utilities
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Process Modifications (PM)
  • Optimal Heat Computer Demo
  • Setting Targets, Heat Recovery Design and Improvement Using Optimal heat

Course Benefits:
  • What are the minimum heating/cooling needs (energy targets) of a process?
  • What is the scope for minimising energy, water and emissions?
  • What is the economic mix of utilities (LP, MP, HP steam, fuel, water) in a plant?
  • What are the steps and options to reduce utilities without requiring investment?
  • What is the scope for maximising energy savings via cogeneration in a facility?
  • What are the practical steps in energy, water and emission reduction projects?
  • How to maximise utility savings with minimum changes to the existing plant?
  • How to design or improve a process to minimise energy, water and emissions?

  • None
Who Should Attend:
  • Plant Managers
  • Utility Managers
  • Process Designers / Engineers
  • Process Technologists
  • University Lecturers
  • Plant Supervisors
  • CEO, MD & Management Committee
  • Researchers
  • Postgraduate Students


Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun


Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun is the Products and Services Manager of Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. His core expertise is in the area of innovative development and application of process systems engineering techniques for resource conservation, and for energy and carbon planning. Dr Lim has published 82 Scopus indexed articles to date. His Scopus h-index is currently 21 with 1505 citations. He has also been appointed as the guest editor for Special Issue of JCLEPRO and Chemical Engineering Transactions (Scopus indexed).

He is also a professionally Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor, Accredited Energy Measurement & Verification Professional and a Registered Electrical Energy Manager certified by Energy Commission of Malaysia. As an engineer in practice, he has applied the output of his research work in consultancy projects for the industrial community. He has been extensively involved in 22 research projects, 11 industrial based projects for various companies and government agencies. The key clients include local industries and multinational companies such as BERNAS, FABER MEDISERVE, SHELL, OLEON in Malaysia and PERTAMINA in Indonesia.

He has assisted those companies identify energy saving opportunities worth millions of dollar through the use of process integration and process systems engineering approach.

In commercialisation, Dr Lim is the cofounder and Director of Products and Services of a UTM Spin-off company. One of his product, e-SMART (an online energy monitoring system), have won the commercialisation grants that worth more than RM 800k.