OPTIMISE's 2023 Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) Workshop 1

February 20, 2023

OPTIMISE's 2023 Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) Workshop

The OPTIMISE Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) workshop series for 2023 kicked off this week from 14 to 16 February 2023. The TERT trainees were from among future and experienced energy auditors, energy managers, consultants, industrial practitioners, technologists and researchers. 

There are four levels of the Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) Certification program. TERT Level 1 is a three-day workshop session aimed at providing participants with the ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist “User Level” competency upon successful completion of the module.  TERT Level 1 began on 14th February and ended on 16th February 2023. 

OPTIMISE's 2023 Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist (TERT) Workshop

Next, TERT Level 2 is aimed at upskilling participants on the advanced Process Integration based on Pinch Analysis techniques to maximize energy savings. Level 2 modules include integration of combined heat and power systems, implementing process changes, manufacturing site-wide analysis and retrofit of existing heat exchanger networks. Passing this module will qualify participants for the ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – Level 2: Advanced’ expertise. 

Participants who successfully complete the Advanced TERT module will have the chance to be a Certified TERT Expert by completing TERT Level 3.  Participants are required to complete a set of assignments and pass a qualifying exam in order to secure the ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – Level 3: Expert’ certification. 

Finally, participants will have the chance to promote themselves to the level of an industrial practitioner by completing a real-life industrial process integration project.  Upon successful completion of the project, participants are required to submit the project report to be verified by the company manager. Participants will finally undergo a competency-based interview to communicate their experiences as a proof the acquired competency.  Successful completion of this level will earn them ‘Thermal Energy Recovery Technologist – TERT Level 4: Industrial Practitioner’ Certification. 

This article is published on February 20, 2023 by Optimal System Engineering

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