COPE-BEST 2021 is joined by over 252 Participants 70 Companies 6 Ministries keen on driving the adoption for sustainability practices.

Key Statistics for COPE-BEST 2021

The first convention to synergise Best Practices and Innovations in Energy Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, COPE-BEST 2021 is held virtually on 28-29 July 2021.

Policy Makers
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​Participants' Testimonial

Great effort to bring together the government bodies, the industry, and academia!
Grace Ann Yap Su-Mei
Speaker of COPE-BEST 2021
Fully embrace the digital conference platform. Nice setup. Interesting way for networking, simple platform with good scheduling of sessions.​
Mohd Azizi bin Abdul Aziz
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
In my point of view, in terms of Platform used, I could not find any flaws at the moment as I find it feasible, while for the keynote, plenary and forum sessions, organizers did exceptional job in gathering the right experts into this convention.
Muhammad Ramziuddin bin Zakaria
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
I am impressed on the topic discussed and selection of very talented speakers.
​Ahmad Shahzalli bin Abd. Majid
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
It is very interesting convention and it needs to continue to be held next time to make sure our communities know the crucial of sustainability.​
Saiful Azrin bin Saidi
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
Great event, especially for the link industry-academy-sicentific comunities in this priotritary topic of energy management.
Alicia Roman-Martinez
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021
The convention is an eye-opener of our current status in renewable energy and a big picture of our direction plan for now and in future.
Norain binti Idris
Participant of COPE-BEST 2021

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