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Waste2Wealth - The 1st Digital Waste Trading Platform in Malaysia

Waste2Wealth is a single, integrated online platform that connects all the key players virtually to promote circular economy. W2W acts as an advertising platform that allows industrial and organisations to promote and trade their existing waste, resources, services, and green innovation.

A platform for The Waste Owners The Waste Seekers Technology Developer Waste Service Provider in Malaysia

Launched in 2021, W2W aims to help industries in helping to find suitable buyers and potential suppliers for reusable waste as a cheaper material substitute. We believe with this practice, we can combat the waste problem that we are currently facing as well as promoting awareness on waste exchange practices.
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Our Purpose

We believe in the power of technology in changing the world for the better by providing a platform to help connect the buyer and supplier within a circle.

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Our Goals

We aim to be a trusted platform for individuals or organisations to advertise and sell their waste, services and technologies as well as capturing the industrial waste generation and consumption patterns via data analytics to support the implementation of eco-industrial park (EIP).

Our Personality

This is to describe who we are – how we act and respond in situations – in brevity, we are Honest, Confident, and Flexible. These traits are visible at every step that we take in our journey.


We believe in integrity and will ensure honest transactions for all our customers.


We are flexible with people. They can enjoy using us anytime and anywhere they want.


We are confident to serve our customers. If it is not up to par, we always welcome criticism.

Key Events

First Initiation on W2W IdeaDecember 2018 - January 2019
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UTM-TDR 40: Eco-industrial Park project initiated.
Research & DevelopmentJanuary 2019 - April 2020
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Planning with key members of W2W team with the help from UTM PROSPECT.
Potential StakeholderJanuary 2019 - April 2020
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Begin collaboration with Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
Winning silver award at INATEX 2020December 2020
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Waste2Wealth has won the silver award at INATEX 2020 that was held by RMC UTM.
Gold award for International Innovation at MTE 2021March 2021
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Waste2Wealth has won the gold award for the International Innovation Category at Malaysia Technology Expo 2021.
Waste2Wealth officially enters Alpha Stage LaunchApril 2021
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The Early-Access to W2W webinar was held with over 35+ companies to join and commemorate in the official launch of the platform.
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Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun

Ir Dr Lim Jeng Shiun

Founder of Waste2Wealth (W2W)

To start a change, one must incite a motion. In Waste2Wealth, we believe with everyone’s effort we can change the world for the better for our future generation. we believe in creating a sustainable platform that allows growth of the circular economy in industrial waste sector, and help support the fundamental goals of realising the Eco-Industrial Park (EIP).