Track Record

Certificate And Award

Selected Major Awards:

  • ASEAN Energy Award 2012 – Large Building Category, UTM – Advisors to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  • Certified 1, 2 and 3 Star of Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS) under ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS) – Advisors to UTM

Our Major Client

Year Awards & Recognition
2002 Silver Medal, Science and Technology Expo
2003 Silver Medal, 31 st International Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques and Products of Geneva , Switzerland
2004 Silver Medal, INATEX
Silver Medal, Science and Technology Expo
2005 Gold Medal Award, IPTA Exhibition
UTM Champion for Business Plan Competition
2006 National Champion for Business Plan Competition
2008 Prince Sultan Abd Aziz International Prize for Water
2011 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals, INATEX
Highly Commended Sir Frederick Warner Prize, IChemE
2012 2 Gold Medals for An Efficient Planning Tool for Integrated Electricity Generation Towards Sustainable Development and A Novel Systematic Tool for Fugitive Emissions Mitigation towards Sustainable Process Design, Malaysia Technology Expo
2013 2 Silver Medals for Integrated Distributed Energy Apllication System (IDEAS) and Solid-waste Management Respurce Recovery Tool (SMART), Malaysia Technology Expo
1 Bronze Medal for MyPYROS: A New Bench Scale for Pyrolysis Technology for Biofuel Production, BioMalaysia Bioeconomy Asia Pacific 2013
1 Bronze Medal for MyPYROS: A New Bench Scale for Pyrolysis Technology, INATEX
1 Gold Medal for Optimal Power – Software for Optimal Hybrid Power System, 24th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2013)
Second Star Gold Award, Energy-Efficient Organisation for UTM-Sustainable Energy Management
2 gold & 1 bronze, Seoul International Invention Fair
Assoc Prof Dr Haslenda Hashim won Korean Women Inventor Award Special Award, Seoul International Invention Fair
2014 ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA), 9th ASEAN Science and Technology Week
Jury’s Award and Gold Medal for A Software for Optimal Total Site Utility System Design and Bronze Medal for Graphical And Numerical Descriptive Technique (GRAND) For Inherent Safety Assessment, INATEX
The Sustainable Technology Award for Integrated Distributed Energy Application Software, IChemE Malaysia Awards
Highly Commended under the IChemE Sustainable Technology Award for Integrated Distributed Energy Application Software (IDEAS), Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Award 2014
 2015 Bronze Medal, e-Phyto – Software for designing solvent formulation for enriched herb extract & Silver Medal, Nano Fruitysop-Fruit Peel Nano Adsorbent For Wastewater Heavy Metal Removal, INATEX
 Silver Medal, Optimal Site © – A Software for Optimal Total Site Utility System Design, International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA) 2015
Highly Cited Paper – Top 1% of the academic field of engineering based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year:
Industrial Implementation Issues of Total Site Heat Integration.  Applied Thermal Engineering, 2013″
” A review on utilisation of biomass from rice industry as a source of renewable energy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2012″
 Young Scientist Network- Akademi Sains Malaysia
National Young Scientist Award, 23 May 2015, by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Winner, Platcom, 2015, eSmart – Online smart meter
2016 Honorable Mention and Runner-Up, ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women 2016 in Sustainable Energy Research
Malaysia’s Rising Star Award
Winner, Superb Teraju, 2016, eSmart – Energy management system with certification
Silver Medal, Optimal Site Water & Bronze Medal, Reactive Solvent Design for Chemical Absorption Process, INATEX
2017 Excellent Publication Award 2017, Persatuan Saintis Muslim Malaysia (PERINTIS)
 Asian Scientist 100, 2017 Edition, by Asian Scientist Magazine
 Anugerah Keterlibatan Industri dan Khidmat Masyarakat, Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Staf RISE 2017
 2018  Bronze Medal Medal, Optimal Site Water, Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2018)