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“Analyse your company maximum water reuse potential based on Pinch Analysis”

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optimal water

A Collaboration Project

In a company, there is opportunity to reuse water from one process to the other.  Wastewater, which is normally treated and discharged, can be segregated.  The cleaner and higher quality wastewater can be reused for equipment or process which do not require fresh water from the tab such as scrubber, cooling, irrigation and toilet flushing.

Optimal Water enables you to design the maximum water recovery system in a rapid and efficient way and ensuring the water quality and quantity for the demands are still met by using Pinch Analysis.  This can help your company not only to reduce your water bills, but also wastewater treatment cost.  Experience of many companies has shown potential water savings between 5 to 90%.


  1. Know about Opportunity to reuse water
  2. Need a Proven Systematic Water Recovery Approach
  3. Too Complex to reduce Water Treatment Cost
  4. No Expertise in Reusing Water to other Process


  1. Audit your plant for water reuse potential
  2. Reduce your wastewater discharge 
  3. Simple, easy and fast solutions for complex problems
  4. Reduce your company water utility bill and wastewater treatment cost
  5. Reduce dependency on freshwater which is becoming more scarcer in certain region
  6. Analyse your whole company water recovery potential instead of piece-meal


  1. The minimum freshwater and wastewater target represented in Composite Curves or Water Cascade Table are automatically generated.
  2. The system recommends the optimal heat exchanger network configuration which achieves the maximum energy recovery target and the result is represented in a simple grid diagram.
  3. In a company, process modifications such as eliminating or reducing water demands or wastewater by replacing to a more water efficient equipment, regenerating the wastewater, or outsourcing water such as rainwater harvesting can result in either more savings or loss. The software can aid the user to identify if those modifications are beneficial or not.

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