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“Energy, Wastewater and Gas Emissions Auditing System”

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Buildings need to be audited from time to time for its energy efficiency and emissions.  Most of the time, these audits are done separately and requires repeated data to be collected. 

By using Optimal Audit, energy, wastewater and gas emissions audit can be done simultaneously and efficiently.  The system helps auditor to analyse a company energy management system, energy trend, equipment energy efficiency analysis, energy saving solutions, wastewater discharge and gas emission analysis and its compliance towards standards.


  1. Want to do Energy Management System Analysis
  2. No expertise in evaluating equipment energy efficiency
  3. No Expertise in Energy trend analysis
  4. No expertise in evaluating equipment energy efficiency


  1. Audit your plant energy, wastewater and gas emissions simultaneously potential
  2. Reduce your company energy bills
  3. Ensure your wastewater and gas emissions discharge complies with environmental standards
  4. Reduce your greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  5. Simple, easy and fast solutions with build-in database and formulas.


  1. The system provides economic analysis for all the energy saving recommendations.
  2. The system can help evaluate the wastewater discharge compliance to the wastewater discharge standards.
  3. The system can help evaluate the gas emission complies with the allowable emission discharge standards.
  4. The system can propose possible energy saving measures from no, low, medium to high energy costs.
  5. You can analysis a company level of energy management system implementation by using the Energy Management Matrix module.
  6. The system can analyse energy consumption, bills and energy efficiency index trends, as well as load analysis. In addition, it can also help to identify the energy type and energy users that constitutes towards their high energy bills.
  7. There are many energy equipment within a company. These equipment efficiency needs to be evaluated to know if they are still functioning well or needs to be repaired, improved or replaced. Optimal Audit can help analyse the equipment current energy efficiency.

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