Engage us to: Perform HAZOP to identify and eliminate the potential failure on the design stage. Trouble-shooting your failure prompt process to identify the root cause and make improvement. Train your technical team to conduct HAZOP.

HAZOP Study for Oleo-Chemical Industry in Peninsular Malaysia

Key Challenges: Need to examine all the major equipment to identify potential failures.

Approaches: Performed HAZOP to identify the potential failures arising from the increase and decrease in operating temperature and pressure, loss of utilities, materials loss as well as overflow and contamination. The causes and consequences of such events were extensively assessed. The level of protection and safeguards were extensively reviewed in detail based on the available information from the P & ID and the engineering documents provided by the vendor.

Key results: Detailed closeout reviews with the clients and the designer on the HAZOP results for 10 columns, 22 vessels, 35 heat exchangers, 5 steam generators, 10 cold traps. The required additional protection and recommended actions have been agreed upon with clients. Proposed further safeguards and detailed SOPs for the emergency shutdown procedure that may necessitate nitrogen injection, and providing additional safeguards for fatty acid fractionation and distillation columns, dryers, cold traps, steam generators and heat exchangers, and for the plant in general.

HAZOP Study for Oleo-Chemical Industry in Peninsular Malaysia

Key Challenges: Fractional plant and distillation plant not able to be commissioned properly (failure in vacuum system).

Approaches: Performed gap analysis for column, reboiler – utility, controller system, and pump head.

Key results: Recommended the SOP for air leakage test. Proposed an improved control system.