Energy System Management In Real Time

What is eSmart

eSMART is an online energy management system that is integrated with smart meter solution to empower organsations to manage and control energy consumption and cost, anytime, anywhere, real time.


  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Analysis & Cost Saving Measures
  • Dashboard for Energy Data and Trends
  • Energy Billing/
  • Energy Management System Documentation Certification (ISO50001 & AEMAS EnergyManagement Gold Standard)


  • Allow access to energy consumption data and trends, anytime, anywhere, real time.
  • Diagnose and control your energy costs
  • Accurate bills, with no more meter readings
  • Accurate basis for measurement and verification for energy performance contracting
  • Drastically reduce reliance on human resources

Function of eSMART

Warning System Function

Load Demand Management Analysis

Online Billing System

Real-time Energy Monitoring for each Online Meter

Dashboard Function – 4 Menu Display

Integration with ISO50001

Power Factor Analysis

Load Apportioning

Tariff Switching Analysis

Integration with AEMAS Energy Management Gold
Standard 1 to 3 Star

Multiple Users Function (Top Management,
Energy Manager, Energy Accounting Unit)

Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Index
Monitoring and Analysis (Current and Historical Data Analysis)