Two Days Course on Energy Savings Potential through Thermal Energy Audit




UTM Johor Bahru


2 Days




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  • 2 Days Training
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Volatile energy prices caused by fluctuating energy demands and supply have made energy efficiency critical in reducing companies’ operating costs, cut down process emissions, improve a company’s bottom line and ultimately ensure sustainability of businesses.

This module provides guidelines for industry to maximize cost savings through improvement of heat recovery, steam generation, distribution and utility system.

The workshop presents systematic technique to maximise a process thermal efficiency through employment of state-of-the-art heat recovery technique based on pinch analysis. It also has the employment of energy-efficient cogeneration as well as tri-generation schemes, and use of practical approaches for energy conservation for steam distribution and utility system.

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Learning Outcome:
  • Employ the fundamentals of energy balances to identify energy inputs and outputs for a process
  • Identify the maximum potential for thermal energy savings and set the minimum energy targets
  • Optimize heat recovery in a process
  • Assess the options for installing cogeneration or trigeneration system
  • Apply specific energy conservation and optimisation strategies for steam generation and utility system
Course Outline:
  • A Review on the Energy Balance Fundamentals
  • Optimization of Heat Recovery using Pinch Analysis
  • Energy Conservation for Steam and Utility System
  • Steam Generation (Boiler)

Course Benefits:
  • Benefit from the feedback provided by the simulation studies
  • Benefit form the application of the theory through using industrial types

  • None
Who Should Attend:
  • Energy manager
  • Professionals from any discipline
  • Facility/maintenance managers or engineers
  • Industry personnel who wish to learn more on electrical system
  • Malaysian Energy Professional Association (MEPA) members


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