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Feasibility Study of Co-generation System

View more info on how we can help improve your site overall energy efficiency of thermal energy and power generation by identifying the best co-generation configuration

REEM Service

View more info on how we can help you comply with EMEER 2008 and managing electrical energy usage for an EMEER-designated installation, and has knowledge of the Acts and Regulations that govern a designated company.

Energy Audit

View more info on how we can help identify improvement options on electricity energy bills, and provides a company with a clear picture of the overall energy balance and the baseline energy utilisation performance across its facility.

Pinch Analysis for Heat in Process Plant

View more on how we can help you know in details on your Process Site Heat Recovery and improvement options.

Thermal Energy Audit for Steam System, Boiler and Process

View more info on how we can help you improve your boiler efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy Projects

View more info on how we can help implement RE projects in your company and understand various Renewable Energy technology available.

Measurement and Verification for Energy Projects

View more info on how we can help you to understand our measurement and verification procedure and the actual saving of your energy projects.

Water Recovery and Reduction via Pinch Analysis

View more info on how we can help you understand your current standing in terms of water recovery, and how much you can be further improved.

GHG Accounting and Reporting

View more info on how we can help reveal the insights on GHG emissions for your facilities and how to reduce GHG emissions in your facilities.

Integrated Pinch Analysis for Water, Energy and Emissions

View more info on how we can help reveal the current standing in energy and water consumption, GHG emissions, and improve method.

Pinch Analysis for Maximising Energy and Resource Efficiency

Pinch Analysis promotes industrial symbiosis through process integration that has enabled companies to achieve triple-bottom-line benefits of minimised utilities

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If you looking for in-house training on above topics for your Energy Management Team, please speak with our staff to arrange according to your preference.

More about Optimal Systems Engineering

Optimal Systems Engineering Sdn Bhd (OPTIMISE) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) registered under Malaysia Energy Commission (@Suruhanjaya Tenaga). OPTIMISE has more than 30 years experience providing services covering electrical and thermal energy audit. Our consultants are Registered Electrical Energy Managers (REEM), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), ISO50001 Lead Auditor, Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), Accredited Energy Measurement & Verification Professional (AEMVP) and Certified HRDF Trainers with professional backgrounds in process/thermal energy engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

We provide a range of services from Energy Audit, Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) services, Measurement and Verification (M&V), Pinch Analysis study involving process and utility-wide thermal energy recovery analysis, Energy Management System (EMS), Solar Thermal Energy Analysis as well as carbon and sustainability reporting (add a link to the respective pages). We provide various professional training (online and face-to-face) for energy managers, facility managers and engineers involved in energy analysis, energy management and consultation works.

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About the Pitfalls of a Piecemeal Energy Management Initiative

For over three decades, we have advanced the mission to create sustainable societies through UTM-PROSPECT and OPTIMISE in our roles as developer of innovative solutions, products and programs; professional practitioners and coaches, champions of education and social activists spreading public awareness on energy and resource conservation.  Our lifelong and life-wide pursuit of sustainable development enabled us to engage world leading organisations, scientists, scholars, professionals and distinguished experts from across disciplines and nationalities worldwide.

We have been particularly committed in advocating a Holistic Approach for Energy Management and encouraged organisations to look at the Big Picture of Energy Audit. In this space, we feel compelled to share our practical implementation experiences that are backed by our rigorous, internationally validated research on key elements that constitute a comprehensive and holistic approach toward achieving impactful outcomes of energy management initiatives.  

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