Engage us to: Improve the energy efficiency and reduce the energy cost of your company. Evaluate the performance of your existing heat exchanger network and heat recovery system and identify the scope of improvement. Generate the optimal configuration of your heat exchanger network to achieve maximum energy saving. Target the minimum utilities consumption for your process plant. Determine the investment cost and payback period for the retrofit schemes.

Heat Integration Project for Petrochemical Refinery in Indonesia

Key Challenges: High-energy consumption. Not keen to have major modification on process and utilities system.

Approaches: Performed simulation to obtain the process and utilities data. Performed detailed pinch analysis study to identify the improvement opportunities.

Key results: Propose retrofit of heat integration schemes that yielded significant utility savings with minor modifications on the existing heat recovery systems. Potential energy savings of up to USD 12 Million per year for the plant.

Total Site Heat Integration Project for Petrochemical Refinery in Sarawak, Malaysia

Key Challenges: High-energy consumption for their site-wide utilities system. Multiple constraints on the process modification.

Approaches: Performed total site-analysis to identify the improvement opportunities for steam utilisation. Perform heat integration at plant-wide level to identify heat recovery opportunities

Key results: A comprehensive total site retrofit schemes were identified, including the process to process heat integration, utility placement (utility level re-placement and replacing cooling utility with steam generator), optimization on cogeneration system, heat upgrading.  The potential annual savings of up to USD 2.9 Million per year.

Heat Recovery Improvement for Oleo-Chemicals Company in Peninsular Malaysia

Key Challenges: High cooling loads. Extensive thermal energy consumptions.

Approaches: Performed plant-wide material and utility balances for process and utility systems. Conducted process improvement and economic analysis. Performed heat integration. Detailed simulation of cooling circuit pipeline hydraulics.

Key results: The utility cost has been reduced by replacing the hot oil with the low-pressure steam. Cooling water pump has successfully been reduced to two from three. The retrofit schemes resulting in RM 400K per year saving with the payback period of less than 2 years.

Heat Recovery and Fuel Switching Project for Incinerator Plant

Key Challenges: Low efficiency combustion system.

Approaches: Validated the mass balance by performing on-site air emissions and flow rate sampling and measurement. Studied the hardware requirements and investigated the practical and operability aspects for fuel switching.

Key results: Recommends a detailed design of the control and monitoring systems, as well as measures for optimal excess airflow rate reduction. More than 30% savings on diesel (USD275K per year) and 20% saving on electricity (USD16.5K per year). The payback period for investment is less than 2 months.