Design of CHP system

Engage us to: Study the technical feasibility of incorporating cogeneration system into your existing heat recovery network. Perform baseline study on the current utility consumption. Determine the best configuration of cogeneration system to achieve maximum economic performance. Determine the investment cost and payback period for the retrofit schemes.

Design of Cogeneration System for Rice Mill in Peninsular Malaysia

Key Challenges: Inconsistent supply of fuel across the year, e.g., rice husk. Fluctuating thermal energy demand across the year. Thermal energy efficiency trade-off for hot air generation via cyclonic husk furnace.

Approaches: Seven COGEN scenarios were analyzed based on the process model. The various scenarios were based on different on peak and off-peak rice husk quantities, variation in heat and power generation, use of empty fruit branches to supplement rice husk, and a combination of dryer and cyclonic husk furnace.

Key results: Identified the optimal design of utilities to satisfy the thermal and electricity requirement. The total annual power saving for this scheme is USD165K and annual diesel savings is USD900K. The total investment cost is estimated at USD3.3 Million, giving a payback period of 3.34 years.